Before we could even talk, most of our families had an idea of what we should do and who we should be. Later, friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues have ideas of what we should do with what we’ve already done. We continue to be shaped by these intentions to whatever extent they were suggested, required or encouraged. As we evolve more and more into who we intrinsically are, the pressure to be what others think we should be continues.  It takes a lifetime to assert our identity.

There is a certainly nothing wrong with those who know us and love us best to point out things we cannot see to help us along our intended path. Yet there is a place where we need to be clear on what we most want to be–and the actions that flow forth from that.

When we are in a place where we are lacking the clarity to know what we value most, we are vulnerable to being moved upon in ways not intended for us.  When our hearts are empty, we are at risk to be filled by something that is not true to who we are, and never more so when it comes from those we respect in the form of well-meant words. It is especially dangerous if it provokes action that is not true to our intended call, and can do violence to our souls by  leading us far from the path we are intended to walk.

We need to know what we love, and walk accordingly: no matter large or how small the steps.

Desire is protection.