Words + Pancakes

November 6, 2010

Sometimes an insight or string of insights come along and need to be shared instantly, like serving pancakes hot off the griddle–melting butter is an important part of the full pancake experience along with maple syrup; preferably, the real stuff.

To digress greatly, my great aunts in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom used to gift each family member every Christmas with a quart of amber gold: grade A maple syrup.  There was a time when I could have opened a small Maple Syrup General store so much of the stuff was crowding my cupboard. Apparently, I don’t eat pancakes as often as Vermonters, or maybe they just drink the stuff straight up; it is a question I never bothered to ask, but I wondered how many other family members had the same challenge finding shelf space for all those tan, green-lidded quarts.

I perpetually harbored a low-grade guilt for stockpiling but not consuming such a delicacy in time for the next holiday installment.  A bit of a minimalist by nature, it was probably the closest I’d ever come to hoarding, which frankly bothered me.  When I found out a friend’s ailing family member loved the stuff, I must have given her enough jugs’ worth to fill a bathtub–the stuff well sealed lasts probably halfway to eternity anyway.

But getting back to the original musing, I have been trying to discern these days between prophetically-oriented words that are meant to age like wine; and which are meant to be shared immediately like hotcakes before they are too cold to be truly tasty.

At this point, you might have the following response to this post. That’s okay. I’m still trying to figure out the application myself.