Cat Ant

August 12, 2010

I sat outside with some fruit on a break at work today, finding refuge from the sun on some steps built against a retaining wall which served as a backrest.  Within moments, a sizable ant began making its way up and over up and over the miniature valleys of sunken mortar between the bricks in the wall in my general direction–that later proved to be specific. As I leaned away to let the tiny creature pass, I realized that it was now making its way toward the fruit in my hand, which I shifted to the other hand and held at arms’ length.

Daunted from the fruit prospecting business, the ant scampered smoothly across the pavement on to who knows where, to do whatever ants do when they’re not carrying a piece of food 50 times their own body weight or digging a new tunnel and piling a new ant hill or establishing an ant farm or strategizing the next picnic raid.

It wasn’t two minutes before another and slightly larger ant appeared on the wall, making the same up and over and up and over journey to get to what I now knew to be the Ant Magnet. This time, I would be ready. The little guy wanted some fruit.

In the time it took to break a small, ant-sized piece of fruit away and place it within range, the ant’s tiny antennae scissored with eagerness as it reared up on its back legs in anticipation.  I felt suddenly transported to my own home and a similar scene on a slightly larger scale when opening a bag of treats to give to my cats.

The now sated ant settled over the tiny speck of fruit, lapping at it like a cat at a saucer of cream. I found myself marveling at its ‘nose’ for fruit–though it took two of them to prove its power to me–its eagerness–its taste buds–and its pleasure in a very simple moment.


2 Responses to “Cat Ant”

  1. findingthemotherlode said

    Not everyone sees like you see. God has given you eyes to see things others might not bother with in the least. You care, though. And you learn from the ant, like Scripture teaches us to.

    “Four things on earth are small,yet they are extremely wise:
    Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer…” Pr. 30:24-25


  2. I still marvel at the awareness of such tiny beings–what was lacking in stature was more than compensated in presence! Amazing, even as the scripture above notes; so much more than meets the eye. Thank you for your observations, you have a great gift for showing nuances and facets of meanings; helps me see all over again.

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