July 13, 2010

We are always, always in the midst of one season, about to enter another, or just beginning one. It came as a great relief to ponder recently that seasons…end. There is no such thing as a static season.

Sometimes a season feels endless. ‘Feeling’ that way is not the same as reality being such. In fact, the seasons which seem endless are typically if not always the ones which are most difficult. Conversely, when things are as desired, it is rare if ever to ‘feel’ such a time to be endless.

‘For the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning the shame.’ Jesus knew what it was to suffer through a painful season, well beyond what anyone else has ever endured. Yet it was never fruitless: and its harvest was the ultimate in sustainability: a joy that was and is never-ending. ‘In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.’

The question I’ve been asking these days about any given season is not ‘when will it end’ but ‘am I getting all that I can out of it?’  Eternal joy; temporary suffering. If it takes momentary pain to get to an endless joy, it would seem be a very wise return on investment.

As much as I am looking forward to crisp fall days, it would be unfortunate for labor day to roll around not having jumped in the deep end of the pool. Each season has its purpose; leaves drinking in the sunlight prepare for a glorious fall display. To be fully ready for the next season requires claiming all that the current one offers up. Reaching past its potential pain to lay hold of all it has to give is the key to the joy which is surely coming.


2 Responses to “Seasons”

  1. Beautiful post and great wisdom. Thanks for sharing the thought.

  2. I am still pondering how a season can be both cyclical and new at the same time. Your feedback is a great encouragement, thanks for reading.

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