Metaphoric Filigree

March 16, 2010

Support does not always come in the form we want.

We are hard-wired to want family to unconditionally rally behind us; perhaps moreso when there has been a chronic gulf of affirmation. In this case, the need does not diminish, it only increases. How then to instill the sense of acceptance we not only long for, but need, to take our life’s work to the next level?

If the significant people in your life are not supporting you the way you require to have the faith, the fortitude, the courage to forge ahead in your life path, then consider this: perhaps there is a reason for the deficit: perhaps the Creator is looking to carve a new filigree, to cultivate an understanding of what it is to go unnnoticed, unheralded, and perhaps even belittled.  Trust that the Designer understands this pain: that deity chose to be revealed through flesh and blood and to experience sorrows, pain and ultimate rejection: to be misunderstood, cast aside, hunted down, ultimately extinguished.

And despite never once retaliating, this was not from a place of complicit agreement, passivity or complacency: rather, from a choice. A choice to go through it to relate to others in their unspeakable pain. And to allow all the hatred and agression to find its way to the one Source who could absorb it without being even slightly altered. To bring the same comfort to others as the comfort experienced at an admittedly costly price. As we know, there is always a choice. To allow what is gouged out from beneath us to become a deep well springing with compassion and life-giving waters for others in the form of comfort from beyond ourselves and our circumstances.

Choose today to not let the withholding of praise, support, affirmation or encouragement be the deciding factor in what you do — or don’t do.